George and Gail Daily own and operate A&E Homes, LLC.  George is a second generation home builder, studied Construction Technology at Chicago Technical College, was a founding member of the HBAGC Construction Management Council and has more than 40 years successful  experience as a home builder. Gail works with clients on space planning, colors and selections. George and Gail, reside at Lake Anna, Virginia.
A&E builds homes on lots owned by the company for inventory. These homes are built according to A&E specifications and sold for ‘Immediate Delivery’. Homes ‘Built to Order’ are A&E Advantage Homes built from one of our plans and to our specifications on a lot owned by an individual. An A&E Custom Home is a home designed and built according to specifications defined entirely by the buyer.
The cost of a home depends on many factors and variables such as site work, size, complexity, features and specifications. To obtain the best and most accurate pricing, A&E bids and prices each home individually, according to construction drawings and written specifications. For a rough budget estimate, multiply the Living Area of the home by $160 per square foot. Vary the multiplier depending on the spec level and current pricing. For more information call us at 703-447-5930 or 540-207-6463.
A ‘Construction Loan’ is obtained to make progress payments during construction of the home. When the home is complete, a ‘Mortgage Loan’ is obtained to pay off the Construction Loan. A combination of the two is called a ‘Construction to Permanent Loan’. With this loan, the Construction Loan is converted to a Mortgage Loan when construction is complete saving closing costs. A&E can refer you to local lenders who can answer all your questions.
Yes. We can advise you of market conditions at the time of contract, put you in contact lenders and help you evaluate various financing 0ptions.
Average ‘build time’ is about four and one half months. Build time is the actual time of construction from start to finish, not including design, specifications, permits and preparation. We advise allowing ample time for unforeseen events and suggest that Buyers budget five to six months construction time, depending on the size and complexity of the home. To view the complete A&E Custom Home Building Timeline click here.
A ‘Preliminary Construction Agreement’ is an optional consulting agreement that benefits home buyers by eliminating pricing variables and providing all the specifics and details necessary to obtain competing proposals for their new home. A&E coordinates third parties, performs certain preliminary services and provides the client with complete written specifications and a fixed, lump sum price for the home. If the client chooses A&E to build their new home, the fee is credited to the deposit on a new home construction agreement.
With our Design Service, yes. In order to bid out the work and obtain permits, a complete set of working drawings is required. We can take any sketch and develop suitable construction drawings. We’ll work with you to create a plan that incorporates your ideas and suits your taste and lifestyle.
Yes. A&E may allow changes at any time. However, changes may require approval by the building department and or lender, may result in additional cost and may add time to completion
Yes. Each county enforces compliance with the Statewide Building Code, as amended by the County Board of Supervisors. In some cases, additional steps in the permit application and inspection process may be required. A&E Homes will handle all these issues for you.
Yes. Your new A&E Advantage Home is covered by the America’s Choice 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty Program. Call or email for a specimen copy of the 2-10 Warranty and Standards of Performance.
Today! All it takes to get started is a phone call!  We’ll put our 40+ years of home building experience to work for you, guide you through the process, answer all your questions and keep you connected.  We’ll help you work out a plan to meet your budget and schedule and make sure you understand your options so you can make decisions with confidence. Call 703-447-5930 or 540-207-6463 and get started today!